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"Travel Law" will cause travel with the group full price

Date: 2013-10-16

China's first "Tourism Law" will be held October 1, 2009, which banned the "zero or negative fare" adds shopping, shopping and other acts of coercion, which may make the team tour prices rose sharply, thus generating tourism disruptive influence.

National tourist prices already rising, "Tourism Law" may make modifications line itinerary while traveling, shopping and other arrangements cuts. Concerns about the industry, the implementation of new laws and regulations may result in part of the National Day Golden Week tour line price higher than 50% or even doubled.

The sharp rise in the cost of how to digest? Many travel agencies rather hesitant. Post reporter learned yesterday, the majority of travel during the National Day neither on the line. Many visitors also really be "high" scare some have long-term tourism products on-line, the current enrollment situation is not satisfactory.

Possible prices doubled during the National Day

October 1 onwards, with "zero or negative fare" The End, shopping, obsessive-compulsive shopping behavior is prohibited, travel agencies operating costs will be significantly higher, fare prices is an inevitable trend. Post reporter observed that outbound product prices generally rose 10-30%, some classic lines prices rose more than 40%, even up to 100% during the National Day.

To the classic Franco-Swiss and Italy on the 10th tour routes for example, now offer various travel agents and more than 13,000 -1.5 million in the itinerary including Paris perfume shops or duty free and so is the will to go shopping; into the Italian town, be an optional tour of Romeo and Juliet's hometown; in Switzerland, the trip has "no choice" at their own expense restaurant. Insiders, this classic lines squeeze "water", the price of about 18,000 yuan.

And exit the same group, the domestic line to "pure play" will be after the same price. Insiders said yesterday, "Travel Law" if it is strictly enforced, the majority of domestic packages will increase the proportion of the line, with the group products will be phased into "pure play."

"For example, a four-star pure play group Wuyishan National Day last year the price is 1599 yuan, this year's National offer is 1899 yuan in profits ratio unchanged, prices section includes attractions plum ancient dwellings, in the past at their own expense The project is now directly included in itinerary; fare 168 yuan impression series of performances but also directly counted in the itinerary. "Shanghai Chase tourism official said, although the price will be fully up and is normal prices.

Number of travel agencies have said, Sanya, Xiamen, Guilin and many other popular attractions, vacation increasingly high proportion. "In our sales ratio, some popular lines exercise ratio of more than 50%, some even as high as 80%." Ctrip travel-related official told reporters, exercise products, visitors only need to pay the travel route (or tourist bus), hotel costs, and all expenses tourists are controlled.

Industry: shopping experience will be better

New regulations will soon be implemented, most travel agents are still waiting to see, and have not given the final circuit design Golden Week and quote. Many visitors also had reservations about reluctant to rush "hit." Insiders said that in the "Tourism Law" after the implementation of tourism products return to rational prices, after snatching a source no longer rely on travel between the "price war", but each company are on the same starting line competition services.

"In fact, to achieve compliance" Travel Law "provisions, it is critical to all aspects of tourism services be standardized, so that guests plainly consumption." Shanghaiguolv country manager Zhang told the travel agency has tried since last year In Hainan, Yunnan and other complaints hardest hit by the implementation of standardized lines, put the day before travel Which hotel stay, meal menus, attractions details and costs have set to the guests, and promised long as the guests are not satisfied, you can free re- Play. "This product Offered than 500 people since the pilot experience, no case of complaints, and no one asked to re-visit." Zhang told.

"Tourism Law" after the introduction whether all tourism products are no longer shopping trip or at their own expense?

Insiders said that is not the case, "It depends on whether shopping spots open to the public, such as France Galeries Lafayette department store, so shopping is allowed." Shanghai CYTS Outbound windward head circumference, said tour guide into some of the public Open shopping, but also not totally take commissions, as long as the commission does not harm the interests of tourists (not drawn into the head from the tourists), as interest expense will have to negotiate with the tourists, and travel agreements in the clear, "never should appear will bring some tourists attractions at their own expense, other tourists do not participate in the phenomenon of laissez-faire. "