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Geely to promote three models at Changsha Auto Show

Date: 2012-11-26

Just as Yang Xueliang, Geely's Chief Public Relations Officer, was quoted as saying "no auto company would neglect the Changsha Auto Show, as it will hopefully boost sales", Geely will not only showcase models offered by Gleagle, Englon and Emgrand, but also highlight the presence of the GC7, Vision and SC7 produced at its Xiangtan base.

Geely promotes "family car" concept

In response to Geely's market strategy of "exploiting the market potential and enhancing management quality" outlined in 2012, Liu Jinliang, Geely's vice president and general manager of sales and marketing, pointed out that as China's auto market matures, auto products must also be changed to meet the heightened standards of consumers. This requires Geely to spot the needs of consumers and design consumer-based models.

Geely, having taken the concept of "family car" as a starting point, takes into full consideration the varied needs of families and forges models that cater to different families regarding travel, safety, configuration and exteriors, offering comfort and joy for consumers.

Down-to-earth independent innovation

Geely has begun its era of independent innovation when many may think of "copycat" when "homegrown brands" are mentioned. With a R&D team of over 2,300 members, it has the capacity to develop and mass produce its own core parts such as engines, transmissions and electronic devices and to assemble cars.    

The GC7, for example, has full independent property rights on the model design as its core parts are all developed by the automaker. Its manufacturing technology, seen whether from evenness of the metal plate or precision of joints, is a big step forward from previous ones. Moreover, the paint thickness on the car body reaches 140mm, 20mm thicker than its counterparts.

Top sales speak for quality

For the first ten months in 2012, the company sold 372,547 cars, an annual increase of about 13 percent. The sales volume of Emgrand, Gleagle and Englon this October were respectively 15,352, 17,192 and 16, 065 units, fighting their way through the competition with both imported brands and joint-venture brands, and topping the list of the best sales performance in China's auto market.

All of the above could not have happened without Geely's devotion to quality and R&D enhancement. The acquisition of Volvo has also displayed its strength to the public, and at the same time, changed its brand image from a low-end auto company, causing great shifts in its product sales mix as high-quality models are selling more.

World-recognized quality and soring export volume

To the end of this October, Geely had exported over 81,000 cars this year, up 190 percent over year ago. Russia, Iraq and Saudi Arabia are the three biggest importers with over 21,000, 18,000 and 13,000 sold in the past ten months. As of today, Geely has more than 30 overseas markets worldwide, such as South America, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Eastern Europe.

Today the automaker pays more attention to the export of capital and technology than just selling cars overseas. Through joint ventures or business cooperation, it has built KD plants in countries such as Egypt, Uruguay, Russia, Ethiopia, Ukraine, Iraq and Sri Lanka after years of exploration.

(Source: Globaltimes.cn)